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  • Raindrop Technique®: $55 - Raindrop Technique® is powerful, effective, and non-invasive. It utilizes nine therapeutic-grade essential oils applied to the body to promote balance and rejuvenation. This protocol balances and uplifts emotions. It enables the cleansing and purifying actions of the nine essential oils to maintain the body's natural wellness.
  • Skull Sutures Technique: $40 - The technique of applying EO's gently over cranial suture lines. The sutures are a type of fibrous joint unique to the skull. By using roll-on's of EO's over various suture lines of the skull we may benefit it a variety of ways. Combining this method with NAT creates a beautiful blending for release and relaxation.
  • Detoxifying Foot Bath: $25 - Ionic foot baths are an effective way to cleanse the body. The ions attach to the negatively charged toxins in the body, and are discharged out of the 2000 pores in the feet. Some benefits to this service include, alkalizing the blood, supporting the immune system, supporting liver and kidney functions, assisting in recovery time from injuries and/or surgeries, relieving pain and stiffness, and help with sleep.
  • Neuro-Auricular Technique: $40 - This technique involves the application of oils starting at the base of the skull down to the middle of the back. NAT connects all the synapses of the brain and upper spinal cord, creating an environment for living above the wellness line.
  • AromaDome®: $45 - Young Living's AromaDome® provides an enclosed area for the concentrated diffusion of essential oils. Specific oils are chosen depending on the clients needs. Hand and/or foot massage is included in this service.
  • Dolphin Neurostim™: price depends on treatment plan - Dolphin Neurostim produces microcurrent stimulation delivered in a manner to "resonate" with the nervous system and influence dramatic cellular changes in organs, tissues and fascia. The application of the Dolphin to key acupuncture/trigger points is called Microcurrent Point Stimulation or MPS Therapy. MPS Therapy is effective on scars as they have special influence on the body. Scars restrict metabolism, pull on fascia and negatively influence the body in many ways.
  • Hypervibe™: price depends on treatment plan - The HyperVibe is a whole body vibration machine that can stimulate the body in a variety of unique and beneficial ways not possible with other forms of exercise. Research confirms that these direct effects on the body are possible: stimulation of muscles and other reflexes, an increase in gravitational load, mobilization of joints and muscles, and rapid heating of joints and muscles. The HyperVibe has programs that produce amazing results. Some of which include, active aging, weight loss & fitness, woman's health & beauty, performance & recovery, and relieve & revive. Cannot use if your pregnant, epileptic, or have had joint replacement.
  • Manicures and Pedicures: Spa Manicures: $20-$28 depending if gel polish is applied

    Spa Pedicures: $40-$45 depending if a detoxing bentonite clay mask is used -
    All treatments are enhanced by the use of organic house made scrub, organic lotion, essential oils, non-toxic polish remover, organic cotton wipes, and organic cuticle oil. The brands of polishes I offer are either "5 free" or "7 free". These polishes are free from formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, camphor, and formaldehyde resin, TPHP, or XYLENE. These polishes are also vegan, gluten free and cruelty free. What does that mean for you? It means I care deeply about my clients health and wellness. Many chemicals, including those known as endocrine disruptors, have shown adverse effects at even very low doses, and even more concerning are the effects of such chemicals on the most vulnerable populations, like pregnant women and young children.So knowing what's in your nail polish should not be an afterthought. Americans spend upwards of $768 million a year on nail polish, and nail products represent the strongest and fastest-growing segment of the beauty industry. You have the power to change the direction this industry is heading by demanding safe, truly non-toxic nail products... and supporting only those brands and nail technicians that follow suit.
  • Rife Machine: $10-$30 - Developed by Dr Royal Rife, the Rife machine is designed to regenerate cells in the human body by producing sound waves compatible with the wellness needs of the cells. At birth the cells have a specific or normal frequency, but due to mental, emotional, physical trauma, and chemical toxins the frequency drops. The Rife machine compliments the body's natural healing ability so living above the wellness line can be accomplished.
  • Lunchtime Destress and Rejuvenate: Chair Massage: $1 per minute, 15 minute min. - This service has you relaxing and recharging yourself before heading back to work. Sit in a comfortable massage chair and experience reiki, essential oils, and a hand-arm massage.
  • Sunlighten Infrared Sauna: $1 per minute or 160 minutes for $60 - The infrared wavelengths penetrate the body to create heat, which creates a long list of health benefits. Some of those include: detoxification, relaxation, weight loss, pain relief, reduction in blood pressure, increase in circulation, help in wound healing, skin purification, and rejuvenation, aids in cell health, muscle recovery, and boosts the immune system.